ZCast 4.09 We Interrupt this Program

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This week Brad, Susan, and Rhiannon are joined by the writer/director of this episode, Dan Merchant. Listen in to get some extra information you can only hear on the ZCast! Desperate to reach Kaya in the Skya at camp Northern Light, Team Bitemark explores a television station left abandoned since the first day of the z-poc. ...

ZCast Exclusive interview with Sara Coates

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The ZCast are joined by the one and only Sara Coates. In episode 4.06 Sara returned to play her own daughter. Something we have been waiting for but sadly it didn’t last nearly long enough. We talk about her about the return to ZNation and many many other things. Hit play and listen in.

ZCast Exclusive Interview with Kellita Smith

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The ZCast is joined by the one and only Kellita Smith, the powerhouse actress who portrays Roberta Warren, the leader of Team Bitemark. In our exclusive interview, Kellita shares how she came to play such a dynamic character, her thoughts about her character’s arc, Warren’s possible future, and what it’s like to portray a character ...