ZCast S5.05 Killing All the Books

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Pacifica is rocked by bombzies! Chaos follows a series of explosions that kill many, turn others into talkers, and destroys the prized library. While Citizen Z and Kaya in the Skya search for JZ and Nana, George and Warren are confronted with the hard choice of giving mercy or bizkits to those gravely wounded. Doc, ...

ZCast 5.04 Pacifica & Jodi Binstock interview

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Writer and director Jodi Binstock joins the ZCast to discuss episode 4. Pacifica holds the promise of a peaceful future, at least according to George, but upon arrival at the settlement, it’s clear that all is not well. The division between humans and Talkers has disrupted the harmony that once ruled the group. When the ...

ZCast 5.02 A New Life

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Welcome to Newmerica where Talkers and Humans live together in harmony. Or do they? As the surviving, z-free settlements prepare to vote on a future with or without Talkers, Team Bitemark themselves are classified as Living or not, and given new job assignments. They’re soon unexpectedly joined by Warren and Murphy, fresh off the zombie ...

ZCast 4.09 We Interrupt this Program

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This week Brad, Susan, and Rhiannon are joined by the writer/director of this episode, Dan Merchant. Listen in to get some extra information you can only hear on the ZCast! Desperate to reach Kaya in the Skya at camp Northern Light, Team Bitemark explores a television station left abandoned since the first day of the z-poc. ...

ZCast S4.05 The Unknown

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When a mysterious sound renders the group unconscious, they wake up trapped in wooden boxes. Things only get worst when they’re released one by one and discover they need to perform certain tasks in a vast, zombie-filled facility. The hope for escape is slim as THE SOUND continually resets them into captivity.