ZCast S5.13 The End of Everything

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Brad, Susan, and Rhiannon discuss the series finale on Syfy.  It’s the end of everything and the world as we know it. Team Bitemark implements Warren’s plan to confront Estes & Pandora and finally bring true democracy to Altura and the other settlements.

ZCast S5.12 At All Costs

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Team Bitemark is on a new mission: take down Estes at all cost. Citizen Z, George, and Warren infiltrate Altura with Kaya in the Skya’s help. Meanwhile, Addy, Doc, 10K and Murphy prepare the Talkers for war. Warren and George are captured and Pandora gleefully tortures George for information on the Talkers location so Estes ...

ZCast S5.11 Hackerville

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What is Estes up to? That’s the question that drives Team Bitemark to Hackerville in search of answers. Citizen Z is waiting for the rest to the team to introduce them to a group of hackers living their best z-poc cyber-life. Meanwhile, Estes arrives at Limbo to round up the Talkers and possibly recruit Murphy. ...

ZCast Exclusive Interview with Karl Schaefer

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The ZCast is joined by Karl Schaefer and we learn some new things about the show. We ask some tough questions and get some tough answers. Some you want to hear and others you don't. Also, Karl talks a little about Black Summer. Oh, and we talk cheese wheel.

ZCast S5.10 State of Mine

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It doesn’t take long for Warren and Team Bitemark to discover what “demons with sharp claws” means in the prophecy given by the medicine man when they stumble across a junkyard being salvaged by Talkers. Forced to dig into the junk, the Talkers are strangely lucid considering they don’t have bizkits. Even more strange is ...

ZCast S5.08 Heartland

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Team Bitemark locate the farm where the flour for the Z Bizkits is made, but, as usual, things are not going well. The farmworkers are hungry Talkers and production has come to a halt. Meanwhile, Pandora is lurking, disguising herself as a farmer (but looks more like a scarecrow!). Moonshine, lost loves, and a Charlie ...

ZCast S5.07 Doc’s Stoned History

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On their way to defend Dante at Altura, Doc & George are in a small zombie-fender bender which results in George spraining her ankle. A good dose of Zweed and Doc’s tender-loving recounting of the creation of the Bill of Rights distract George from her pain and give her a Civics lesson she needs for ...