ZCast 1.05 Home Sweet Zombie

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The group detours to Roberta Warren’s hometown as a major storm cell moves across the state. Garnett urges Roberta to look for her husband, a fireman, though she’s certain he’s dead. When they arrive at her home and discover wounded survivors, it appears Roberta’s husband may still be alive. But who will survive when tornado's ...

ZCast S1.04 Full Metal Zombie

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In episode 4, Full Metal Zombie, the group is faced with constant threats on their journey and decides to find an alternate form of transportation. Citizen Z directs them to a military outpost where they hope to find a pilot and helicopter. Of course, sometimes veering off the path most traveled leads only to disaster, ...

ZCast S1.03 Philly Feast/Pisay Pao Interview

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In the first half of this episode we talk about Philly Feast. The interview with Pisay Pao begins at the 27 minute mark. In need of supplies, the group escorting Murphy to the West Coast diverts through Philadelphia. The city is considered a dead zone, but it still has plenty of dangers. Zombies prowl the streets, ...

ZCast S1.02 Fracking Zombies

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In episode 2, Fracking Zombies, the crew struggles to find fuel for their not so trusty truck while Citizen Z battles a four-legged zombie that invades his sanctuary. Will Murphy succumb to his fear of zombies and abandon the group? What is Cassandra’s dark secret? And will Citizen Z save his new furry friend?

ZCast S1.01 Puppies & Kittens

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Since we started the ZCast midway through the season of we decided it was time to go back and review the episodes we missed. Now that the show is out on DVD and Netflix it is probably time you watched them again as well. In this episode, the cast of Z Nation slowly forms into a ...

ZCast Interview with Keith Allan

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In this special episode of ZCast we have a conversation with Keith Allan, the man behind Murphy. The multi-talented Keith Allan is an actor, writer, and director. He’s no stranger to the zombie genre having written the screenplays for two zombie movies, Zombie Night and Rise of the Zombies. Keith has also popped up in many ...