ZCast S2.07 Down the Mississppi

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When the group decides to float on down the Mississippi, a zombie jam on the river sends everyone swimming for safety--including con men Sketchy and Skeezy. 10K ends up on the wrong side of the river and tags along with the con men hoping to find his friends. Meanwhile, Doc is not ready to give ...

Get your questions in for the Karl Schaefer Interview

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Coming up on Tuesday October 27 the ZCast will have a special podcast episode where we talk with ZNation co creator Karl Schaefer. We will be talking about the show and asking Zombie Science questions to the man in the know. Have a question for Karl about the show? Want to know something specfic about the ...

ZCast S2.03 Zombie Road

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The group finds themselves on an old fashioned post-apocalyptic wagon train when they stumble across survivors escaping the fallout over the West Coast. The road is treacherous not only because of bandits, but because of a whole new kind of zombie created by the atomic blast...named Blasters.

ZCast S2.02 White Light with guest Daniel Boatsman

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All hell breaks loose as bounty hunters descend on Cheyenne searching for The Murphy in hopes of getting the bounty Citizen Z promised. Caught in the crossfire of competing bands of Murphy hunters with the added bonus of zombies, the group fights to evade death and find Murphy. Joining on this podcast is Daniel Boatsman who ...

ZCast S2Ep1 The Murphy

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Picking up right where we left off at the end of season 1, we find out if our intrepid group survives the nuclear bombs or not. Meanwhile, Murphy, who brought about the second apocalypse, starts his new life as the zombie whisperer. Unknown to him and the survivors of the group, Citizen Z, in a ...