ZCast S4.05 The Unknown

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When a mysterious sound renders the group unconscious, they wake up trapped in wooden boxes. Things only get worst when they’re released one by one and discover they need to perform certain tasks in a vast, zombie-filled facility. The hope for escape is slim as THE SOUND continually resets them into captivity.

ZCast S4.04 A New Mission: Keep Moving

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Driven forward by Warren’s visions, Team Bitemark is starting to have doubts. Trapped in an endless sea of vehicles called The Great Pile left behind by survivors hoping to get a ride off of this world to a zombie-free planet , the group has to fight zombie rats, Enders, mindless zombies, regular zombies, and their ...

ZCast S4.03 The Vanishing

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Red, Sun, and Addy are still missing, but there is some happy news in the apocalypse. Warren and Murphy are reunited with most of the old Team Bitemark at the refugee camp, but, as usual, all is not well. Something is lurking in the woods, 10K is looking for Red, and the unkillable zombie is ...

ZCast S4.02 Escape From Zona

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The apocalypse sure can be annoying! The zombies were bad enough. But now there’s rabid rich people running amok in Zona trying to kill each other, the people in the convoy to Newmerica have disappeared, there’s unkillable zombies, Addey’s wounded and on the run, Lucy is still kidnapped, and Warren’s visions aren’t going away. Oh, ...

ZCast S4.01 Warrens Dream

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Two years later, everything is worse! Warren is now a blond in plastic high heels waking up from a coma! Murphy is totally on board with all things Zona. Lucy and Addey are on a mission to save humans...and zombies. 10k and Red are sitting in a tree. Doc has gone full Gandalf. Sun is ...