ZCast 3.10 They Grow Up So Quickly

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Once upon a pie… Doc and Addy arrive to find the cutest little Smurfette by the name of Lucy. Murphy and Pie-Girl’s sweet little girl is growing up pretty fast and has all of daddy’s powers and mommy’s sass. It looks like this story will have a happy ending with little Lucy departing with Doc ...

ZCast 3.09 Heart of Darkness

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After a failed attempt to recover Murphy, Warren decides to pursue the Red Hand as possible allies. All does not go as planned, and the identity of the new Escorpion is revealed. Meanwhile, Citizen Z And Kaya in the Skya find out that Murphy has his own mission.

ZCast Exclusive Interview with Mark Carr

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In a Presidential exclusive interview, Mark Carr joined the ZCast to talk about Sketchy MacLain along with being the 357th President of the United States of Z Nation.   A lifelong performer, Mark started acting professionally after college. After cutting his teeth as a storyteller and performer he moved behind the camera. Mark now lives in ...

ZCast 3.08 The Election

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Addy and Doc are on their way to find Murphy’s daughter, Lucy, when they run into some old friends. Sketchy and Skeezy are back to their old conning ways. Sketchy claims to be the 357th president of the United States, but an old foe shows up to ruin his latest con. To make matters worse, ...

ZCast 3.07 Welcome to Murphytown

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As Murphy’s Blend nation grows and The Man closes in on Murphy, Team Bite Mark is reunited with Doc and 10K. Though the group is happy to be reunited, it’s clear that Warren suspects all is not well with 10K. Meanwhile, Citizen Z, Kaya, Uncle K and Nana (along with Pup) arrive at Camp Northern ...

ZCast 3.06 Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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When Doc gets separated from the rest of Team Bite Mark, he finds himself trapped in a PATIENT run insane asylum, and at the mercy of Nurse Ratched. Doc is soon diagnosing and treating the patients...including a very sick 10K. With zombies about to bust in the front doors, time is running out and Nurse ...