ZCast 3.04 Escorpion and the Red Hand

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In episode 4 of Season 3, Murphy’s plans to make a new Blend Nation are well underway. But Dr. Merch has other plans and makes it possible for 10K to break away from Murphy and make a run for it. Meanwhile, Team Bite Mark runs afoul of a mysterious group called the Red Hand that ...

ZCast 3.03 Murphy’s Miracle

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Join Brad, Rhiannon and Cort as they discuss Murphy's Miracle Team Bite Mark is on the move and looking for Murphy along with the newest edition to the group, Dr. Sun Mei. Instead of finding the new Blend dictator, they stumble across a postman that has an entire town hunting his flesh. Even more mysterious, the ...

ZCast S3.01 No Mercy

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In the special 2-hour season three premiere, we flashback to when Cassandra was still alive, Murphy was carrying Lucy around in a cooler, and Team Bitemark was still on mission. When the group runs into a group of survivors holed up in the old Mercy research facility, they discover a new type of zombie and ...

ZCast S2.14 Day One

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As Team Bite Mark nears their destination, they reflect on the very first day of the zombie apocalypse. Meanwhile, up at Camp Northern Light, Citizen Z makes a frightening discovery.