The Countess: A ZCast FanFic Audio Short

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The Black Rainbow has filled the sky leaving an uncertain future. With Warren gone the team head north in search of a radio. While Sarge and 10K are off scouting Murphy and Doc encounter someone unexpected. Scot Eric Candiotti as Murphy, Erik C. Andersen as Doc, Susan Monk as The Countess, and Brad Zipprich as the ...

ZCast 4.10 Frenemies

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The great green foam apocalypse is happening and Team Bitemark is hopelessly lost in it. When Doc & Murphy happen upon Sketchy and Skeezy holed up in a barber shop all hell breaks loose with tan mom zombies, half-beards, surprising kisses, and a whole lot of fun. Meanwhile, Warren is lost and following a mysterious ...

ZCast 4.09 We Interrupt this Program

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This week Brad, Susan, and Rhiannon are joined by the writer/director of this episode, Dan Merchant. Listen in to get some extra information you can only hear on the ZCast! Desperate to reach Kaya in the Skya at camp Northern Light, Team Bitemark explores a television station left abandoned since the first day of the z-poc. ...

ZCast 4.08 Crisis of Faith

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Team Bitemark is finally at the Canadian border and on their way to Numerica when they run into a bunch of very unfriendly Canadian zombies. Taking refuge in a nearby church, the group has to deal with zombie nuns, a crisis of faith, and a graverobber. Warren is still haunted by the Black Rainbow, but ...

ZCast S4.07 Warrens Wedding

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Warren’s Wedding - Shaken by the death of Lucy and losing faith in Warren’s dream, our heroes come upon a group evil “Zuggalo” clown-style bandits torturing a captive. Zombies, clowns, and recycled drugs, what could go wrong? Whoop Whoop!

ZCast Exclusive interview with Sara Coates

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The ZCast are joined by the one and only Sara Coates. In episode 4.06 Sara returned to play her own daughter. Something we have been waiting for but sadly it didn’t last nearly long enough. We talk about her about the return to ZNation and many many other things. Hit play and listen in.

S4.06 Back from the Undead

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Warren is on a mission and nothing, not even Murphy dying from a MadZ bite, will get in her way. Arriving at a medical facility outside of Eerie, Indiana, Warren leaves the others behind on her quest for the Black Rainbow deep inside the building’s disturbing labs. Meanwhile, Murphy is close to death and only ...