Z Nation Audio Story Short Casting

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Hey there survivors of Z Nation, Brad here and I need your  help on a little project I wrote up. With season 5 coming up the possibilities of what can grace our screens next fall is full of mystery and wonder. We all know that Z Nation gives us the unexpected on a regular basis so I had a thought. Why not create a character in that world and write up a quick short story to introduce that character. Granted the odds of this character actually being picked up by someone in charge of character creating on Z Nation is about as slim as a chance as getting hit by a rolling wheel of cheese but we all know that is a possibility. Since I deal in audio I thought instead of just narrating the story myself how about seeing if there are any fans of the show that want to lend their voice. So that is what I am doing.

If you are interested in auditioning for the role of Doc, Murphy, of The Woman then just record yourself doing the line of whichever you choose and email the audio file to znationpodcast@gmail.com  Please read the line 2 or 3 times.

Now we know who Doc is, we know who Murphy is, but you are probably wondering who the woman is right?  Well, the woman is a commander of sorts. She force to be reckoned with. If you are a regular listener of the podcast then you might have an idea who should play this character. If not, then you should listen to our last podcast.  Now that that is out there here are the lines and thanks for your time.

Murphy: Why is it they always have to hit you in the head? Whatever happened to decency in the apocalypse? And seriously, a hood. What is this, the mafia?

Doc: Okay chief back off with the hitting man! We are just passing through is all. Trying to find a radio so we can contact our friend Citizen Z. Might have heard of him?

Woman: And yet you wear a Zona jacket. Then there is also the fact that, for some reason, you are red.



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