ZCast S1.03 Philly Feast/Pisay Pao Interview

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In the first half of this episode we talk about Philly Feast. The interview with Pisay Pao begins at the 27 minute mark.

In need of supplies, the group escorting Murphy to the West Coast diverts through Philadelphia. The city is considered a dead zone, but it still has plenty of dangers. Zombies prowl the streets, but survivors known as The Family is the true threat. The cannibal survivors are desperate to bring Cassandra back home, but when they get a chance to grab another member of the group they start a chain of events that puts everyone in danger.


Pisay Pao Bio:

Pisay Pao plays Cassandra on Z Nation, a woman with a mysterious past. Pisay is one of the few actors on television of Asian descent. She was born in a refugee camp after her family fled Cambodia, later settling in the Seattle area. The multi-talented actress graduated from design school and later started modeling and doing commercials. The role of Cassandra on Z Nation has definitely caught the attention of many and we hope to see more of her in Season 2!

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