ZCast S1.11 Sisters of Mercy & the Russell Hodgkinson Interview

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On this episode we will be discussing season 1 episode 11, Sisters of Mercy and we will also have an interview with Russell Hodgkinson better know as Doc on the show.

The gang is reunited and once more on the road. Their journey takes a somber turn when male zombie children are spotted alongside the highway. When they encounter a living child, Warren decides to return him to his home in hopes of finding supplies. Instead the group discovers a fortified haven inhabited only by women. The men in the group are forced to stay outside while Addy, Warren and Cass are escorted inside. Though Warren and Cass soon realize that not is all well with the group, Addy falls under the charismatic sway of the leader.

Russell Hodgkinson portrays fan favorite Doc, on Z Nation. Doc is known for his epic one-liners, impressive personal pharmacy, getting zombies high, and surviving explosions. The talented actor behind the character comes from a military family and served in the Army’s 82nd Airborne before embarking on his acting career. He’s appeared in the popular genre show, Grimm, and had a small part in Tim Burton’s Big Fish. He’s no stranger to the zombie genre, having appeared in Zombies of Mass Destruction.

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