ZCast S1.12 Murphy’s Law & Michael Welch Interview

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With Mack and Addy’s fates unknown, the group journeys toward the West Coast. Murphy is continuing to evolve, or is that devolve, and demands that Citizen Z find Dr. Merch, the scientist who administered the serum that altered him. As Citizen Z feverishly searches for Dr. Merch, the group stumbles onto another group of survivors at a z-infested country club. The newcomers are intrigued with Murphy’s ability to walk among the zombies and kidnap him in hopes of plundering a pharmaceutical company. But with Murphy swiftly becoming the zombie messiah, the kidnappers have definitely bitten off more than they can chew.

Michael Welch plays fan favorite, Mack, on Z Nation, but he’s not new to dealing with monsters. Michael is well known for playing Mike in the Twilight movies and starred in the Day of the Dead remake. This talented actor has guest starred on numerous television shows, including genre shows like the X Files, Joan of Arcadia, SG-1, Birds of Prey, Grimm, and many others. Though the fate of his character on Z Nation is unknown at this time, many fans are holding out hope that Mack and Addy will soon return.

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