ZCast S3.14 Everyone Dies in the End

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All signs point to Zona…   Kaya in the Skya sends Warren, Murphy, and Team Bitemark new coordinates to find Lucy while Doc and Addey have their own zombie-Grandpa GPS guiding them. The Man with an older Lucy arrives at the designated pickup point only to discover that the Zona squads left to protect the fortification are losing their immunity and turning zombie. Worse yet, Lucy can’t control the Zona-Zombies.

The Man promises Lucy he won’t kill, determined to win her confidence as he finally cashes in to escape the apocalypse and go to Zona with her. But when Warren and Murphy arrive to rescue Lucy, all promises are forgotten and the bullets fly. By the end, it seems everyone’s number is up.

Have additional thoughts or theories on the season finale. Let us know. We will be podcasting at least once a month until the show returns in September.

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